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Dispute Mediation Consultancy - The Mediation provider for successful alternative dispute resolution

The Dispute Mediation Consultancy was established in 2008 in response to a need to provide high quality surveyor led mediation and conflict resolution service for the professional management of land & property disputes. Our practice now comprises 41 surveyor & legal mediators and consultants located across England, Scotland & Wales.

Our Aim

The Partnership of Chartered Surveyors & legal professionals aims to be a leading provider of Accredited Mediators, offering professional consultancy within the alternative dispute resolution property market sector.


Being accredited by the Civil Mediation Council assures you of a professionally approved service and allows us to provide a local, suitably qualified mediator from our extensive panel of land & property experts that we know will meet your needs.


The Dispute Mediation Consultancy is a Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) regulated practice. This gives you confidence that you will receive professional mediation backed up by an internationally respected institution.



Our central location of our administrative offices coupled with excellent communication links and the wide range of office locations of our 40+ Associate members, enables us to easily offer our Mediation and Adjudication services to a large area of the UK.

Cost effective

The Dispute Mediation Consultancy's 'Alternative Dispute Resolution'  (ADR) methods promote a range of Accredited Mediation, Arbitration, Expert witness and Mediation Advocacy  services which enable your involvement in settling conflicts in a highly cost effective, timely and constructive way. Our Early Evaluation techniques such as Desktop Reviews help avoid any possible escalation of the dispute to litigation (Court process) where costs and time can spiral out of your control.


Recent judgement in the Court of Appeal [2008] have stated that "greater use should be made of the services of local mediators, who have specialist legal and surveying skills and are experienced in alternative dispute resolution".

This encouragement to use mediation and ADR has recently again been re-affirmed by Lord Justice Jackson's Review of Civil Litigation Costs report [2010] (See our February news article).


The Dispute Mediation Consultancy's aim is to keep disputes out of the Courts by providing specialist Mediators and Mediation Services that offer you an opportunity to resolve your dispute in a fair and amiable manner, whilst saving you considerable money in legal costs if the dispute were to be taken to litigation.

Thank you for visiting our website we hope you will find the information useful. If you have any queries or wish to discus your dispute problems with us please Contact us to receive more information and fast & friendly advice.

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Dispute Mediation

Mediation is a practical yet sophisticated process designed to address the real issues and obstacles behind conflict in reaching a commercially viable solution.

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