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Role of the Mediator

The DMC mediators encourage and promote consensual settlement at as early a stage as is possible. This is achieved through improving communication and liaison with parties in dispute and their solicitors.

Disputes that appear to be deadlocked can often be resolved enabling cost effective and timely closure.

Mediation is now widely recognised in the UK and Europe as the most economical and conclusive form of alternative dispute resolution; The Dispute Mediation Consultancy is at the forefront of this process by being Regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and by following the Civil Mediation Council recommended guidance.

Mediators are neutral and independent. Their job is to assist you, the parties in dispute, in discussing the problem and finding a mutually satisfactory solution. The mediator's job is not to judge who is right or wrong or to find fault or assign blame.

Mediators avoid taking sides and making judgments, but give guidance in an questioning capacity. The Mediator is responsible for developing effective communication and building consensus between parties in order that they can build understanding and resolve damaging disputes.


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Mediation techniques

Sophisticated application of mediation techniques is at the core of the services offered by The Dispute Mediation Consultancy. The process treats both parties equally and without bias. Solving disputes by Mediation is a flexible & timely process which saves you significant legal fees and reduces stress whilst retaining your control over agreed solutions.

Dispute Mediation

Mediation is a practical yet sophisticated process designed to address the real issues and obstacles behind conflict in reaching a commercially viable solution.

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