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Chris Makin Forensic Accountant & Mediator Joins Dispute Mediation Consultancy

Sun, 19 June 2011

Highly respected and supremely qualified mediator Chris Makin has recently joined as an Associate of the Dispute Mediation Consultancy working from his home area of Leeds & North West Yorkshire. Find Chris's full CV on our Find A Mediator web page www.dispute-mediation.co.uk/mediators.aspx?id=24

Government Minister speaks to CMC National Mediation Conference

Thu, 12 May 2011

Jonathan Djanogly MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Ministry of Justice answered questions from members of the Civil Mediation Council on Tuesday which revealed the Governments strong desires to expand mediation particularly in matters relating to small claims.

Proposals for automatic referral to mediation in small claims

Wed, 30 March 2011

Justice Secretary Kennneth Clarke announced yesterday government plans to modernise and simplify the civil justice system, to make it quicker and more efficient and crucially, to offer more effective alternatives to going to court.

UK Gov. reform of Workplace Dispute Resolution

Fri, 04 February 2011

Prime Minister David Cameron said: "Today's announcements on reforms to employment law are among the first conclusions of our government-wide growth review, and highlight our determination to ensure that employment law is no longer seen as a barrier to growth, while making sure that employees and employers are treated fairly. "Giving businesses the confidence to take on somebody new will be a real boost to the economy, and help generate the sustainable growth we need."

Government is committed to mediation for family disputes

Tue, 30 November 2010

Minister Jonathan Djanogly says in his speech today to the national family Mediation AGM that the Government is committed to supporting mediation as a way of resolving family disputes.

Government support for Mediation continues

Mon, 29 November 2010

Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Justice Jonathan Djanogly has set out the Government's support for mediation as a form of dispute resolution for commercial and private disputes, including family disputes at CEDR's 20th Anniversary Awards. He announced that Government would, over the next few months, be working together with the CBI and British Chamber of Commerce in renewing the ADR pledge which requires Government departments & agencies to use ADR solutions in appropriate cases.

Kenneth Clarke - 'Mediation a very good idea'

Fri, 29 October 2010

TRANSCRIPT OF A RECORDED INTERVIEW Discussion raising issues relating to recent initiatives at the Ministry of Justice and the possible impact and beneficial use of Mediation. Hints of a consultation paper! WITH THE LORD CHANCELLOR & JUSTICE SECRETARY, THE RT. HON. KENNETH CLARKE, Q.C., M.P. White City 201 Wood Lane London W12 7TS (020) 8752 7279 Broadcast date: 26 October 2010, 16.02, Radio 4. Repeat date: 28 October 2010, 20.02, Radio 4.

Justice of Supreme Court admits he was wrong

Thu, 28 October 2010

So here we have it, straight from the author, Justice of the Supreme Court, Sir John Dyson admits that Halsey remains good law but that it was wrong to state that compulsory mediation would infringe Article 6.1 of the Human Rights Convention. Following a EU Court ruling of a dispute in Italy it has been confirmed that as long as proceedings can still be brought to Court then there is no contravention of Article 6.

Litigation - someone wins, someone loses

Wed, 06 October 2010

In many boundary disputes both sides ultimately lose something that might have been secured in a compromise. In a recent Court of Appeal hearing a conveance plan showed no measurements or evidence of fixed boundaries, despite red and blue edging showing the position of the boundary and ownership extent. It was shown that the plan could not show, with the degree of precision that makes clear, the exact position of the boundary on the plan.

Government encourages greater use of Mediation

Wed, 06 October 2010

Government are keen for people to take a less adversarial and more collaborative approach to solving their problems and encourage greater use of mediation in both civil and family issues, Jonathan Djanogly explains in a House of Commons written answer.

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