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DMC launch new website with help of Wight365.com

Mon, 09 November 2009

DMC launch new website following comprehensive review of strategy and services within the partnership.

Grant Vincent, partner and senior mediator of DMC, praised the professional services of Wight365, the local Isle of Wight web design company, for their professional help which enabled the partnership to launch their new website on time.

Grant commented that Wight365's design and build capabilities coupled with their Mediation awareness enabled DMC to promote Alternative Dispute Resolution services to a wider customer base than what had previously been possible.

Isle of Wight residents, law practices and Courts now have the option to utilise local professional dispute mediation services previously not available to Island residents. Grant stated that the practice was able to offer a wide range of ADR services covering the following areas of practice:

  • Land & Property;
  • Commercial;
  • Workplace and conflict management; &
  • Community & Neighbourhood.

The partnership with over 35 years of experience  offers both Mediation and Adjudication skills and is one of only a few independent practices nationwide that provides specialist advice to clients in land & property, boundary disputes, aerial photography, mapping, Ordnance Survey - historical and current work practice, and cadastre & land registry mapping, all through its consultancy division of the practice.  Comprehensive details can be found on their website www.dispute-mediation.co.uk.

Dispute Mediation

Mediation is a practical yet sophisticated process designed to address the real issues and obstacles behind conflict in reaching a commercially viable solution.

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