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Divorce hotspots identified in England & Wales

Fri, 22 February 2013

Birmingham and Weston-super-Mare are identified as divorce hotspots as Ministry of Justice urge separating couples to use Mediation.

Mediation is a quicker, simpler and a more effective way of agreeing how couples can divide their assets or make arrangements for their children. The process has the benefit of being able to avoid the often divisive effect of the courtroom.

Family Justice Minister Lord McNally said:

'All too often I hear stories of families going through expensive and traumatic court hearings but we know that when working out how to split assets and arrange time with the children, mediation is a far simpler and cheaper approach for everyone and leads to better outcomes.

'That is why we are changing the law so that all couples seeking a court order about child contact or a financial matter must attend a mediation information assessment meeting first, to find out about mediation and consider whether it is suitable for them.'

The average cost of resolving property and financial disputes caused by separation is approximately £500 through mediation for a publicly funded client, compared to £4,000 for issued settled through the courts.

The average time for a mediated case is 110 days compared to 435 days for non-mediated cases.

As reported earlier the government has already announced that it expects to spend £25million to support publicly-funded mediation this year. New laws are now being created to ensure that all separating couples must consider mediation to sort out the details of their divorce, before they decide to take their dispute to the Courts.   

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Full report and details on other divorce hotspots can be found on the Ministry of Justice government website http://www.justice.gov.uk/news/features/figures-show-divorce-hot-spots 

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