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Mon, 28 September 2009

Ignoring Mediation could be Costly

Strong recommendation and guidence from the Courts  of Appeal

In July 2003, Mr Justice Lightman commented: -

“Litigation is a high risk gamble – and the risks and burden of costs today are so substantial that for any well advised (person) litigation must be the course of last resort if any reasonable alternative is available.

The alternative of choice today is mediation. The law today increasingly recognises the value and importance of mediation as a social necessity.

Give mediation a chance. Give it a chance at the earliest opportunity…. In litigation, there is only one winner and that is generally the lawyer’s. Mediation is not a universal panacea, it has its limitations and is not always applicable. But where it is available, in my view no sane or conscientious litigaters or party will likely reject it…”

Justice Lightman

Dispute Mediation

Mediation is a practical yet sophisticated process designed to address the real issues and obstacles behind conflict in reaching a commercially viable solution.

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