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National Mediation Helpline replaced by new service

Sun, 02 October 2011

The National Mediation Helpline (NMH) scheme to which DMC was a member for the last few years has now been closed by the Government.

The Ministry of Justice has replaced the National Mediation Helpline by an on-line listing of accredited mediation providers found on the www.directgov.uk web pages. The Dispute Mediation Consultancy (DMC) is please to announce that they are part of the new scheme being listed in over 40 different counties of England & Wales.

The Dispute Mediation Consultancy is now listed by the Ministry of Justice on www.directgov.uk as operating an  accredited mediation service in over 40 counties of England and Wales and in Scotland. We therefore believe we can be considered as truly providing a national mediation service.

Despite the closure of the National Mediation Helpline by the Ministry of Justice, the Dispute Mediation Consultancy will continue to provide a similar service via the new on-line searchable directory of accredited mediation providers.

Whilst our admin offices are based on the Isle of Wight, we are able to offer a local mediator for you from our professional panel of accredited mediators who are based throughout the country.  You can also find us listed on a compehensive list of Civil Mediation Council Accredited providers for your area from the government's Justice website using their 'Find a Civil Mediation provider' page at http://www.civilmediation.justice.gov.uk

You may also go straight to our National Mediation Helpline pages to check out costs by clicking the link.

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