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New on-line service replaces National Mediation Helpline

Sun, 21 August 2011

The Ministry of Justice has announced the replacement service for the National Mediation Helpline which is to close on the 30th September this year. The Dispute Mediation Consultancy will be listed on a new on-line searchable directory as part of this new service in every County where it has Associates.  It is expected that this new service will benefit the general public by allowing greater choice of mediation provider and enable those in dispute to choose mediators to suite individual cases.

Mr Grant Vincent an RICS Accredited Mediator of the Dispute Mediation Consultancy stated that he was pleased that the changes were being introduced. He supported the Ministry of Justice claim that this would enable a better service to those in dispute and continued that this would hopefully result more cases being referred to mediation. As a result this will provide not only significant savings for the legal system but also for those in dispute.

Mediation is a process which can provide a quick resolution to an on-going  problem. It saves time and money to those involved and as a result can be quicker and less stressful than sorting out disputes through court action.

The Dispute Mediation Consultancy's panel of leading mediation experts enables us to provide you with exactly the right person to help resolve your dispute.

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To find out more about us contact us on 07540 333 340 or email us using our contact pages on www.dispute-mediation.co.uk

To find out more on the new scheme visit our National Mediation Helpline page.

Dispute Mediation

Mediation is a practical yet sophisticated process designed to address the real issues and obstacles behind conflict in reaching a commercially viable solution.

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