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UK Gov. reform of Workplace Dispute Resolution

Fri, 04 February 2011

The Civil Mediation Council states:

The Civil Mediation Council (CMC), is delighted with the Government's announcement of its plan to reform the way workplace disputes are handled and believes it will make a major contribution in promoting growth in the UK as a whole. The CMC, established in 2003, has been promoting mediation in resolving disputes in the workplace for the last two years. The business case suggest that conflict at work costs the UK economy at least £24billion a year. Without structural reforms in place, this is likely to continue as workplace disputes are growing across all sectors, with redundancy, breach of contract and unfair dismissal disputes representing the highest growth.

The Government is seeking views on measures to;

1. Achieve more early resolution of workplace disputes so that parties can resolve their own problems, in a way that is fair and equitable for both sides, without having to go to an employment tribunal.

2. Ensure that, where parties do need to come to an employment tribunal, the process is as swift, user-friendly and effective as possible.

3. Help businesses and social enterprise feel more confident about hiring people.

The Government wants to hear views and opinions on the Employer's Charter and engage in further discussion.

The CMC will also be engaging with its members to seek views to form part of our response to the Consultation. More details about this will follow.


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