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Successful Launch of DMC on Isle of Wight

Sat, 21 August 2010

The recent Mediation Matters Seminar for Chartered Surveyors and Lawyers hosted by the Dispute Mediation Consultancy was claimed as a great success by Grant Vincent, Principal Partner of DMC thanks to the efforts of the local Isle of Wight Law Society, Andrew Goodman, Barrister and Convener of the Standing Conference of Mediation Advocates (SCMA) who presented the Keynote speech, and Lesley Kemp, past President of the IoW Law Society who chaired the Question and Answer session. 

The Mediation Matters seminar showed how the two professions are able to come together in an effort to reduce costs of litigation in the greatly over stretched Court system. Over 35 key Isle of Wight professionals from the surveying and legal professions met for an afternoon seminar at the Quay Arts, Anthony Minghella Theatre, hosted by The Dispute Mediation Consultancy. The event was highlighted by Andrew Goodman's keynote speech on modern day Mediation techniques, supported by Karena Ellis-Greenway and Paul Rose; both of whom are Chartered Surveyors, Accredited Mediators and Associates of DMC.

Lord Justice Sir Rupert Jackson's substantial report to Government titled 'Review of Civil Litigation Costs' published earlier this year highlighted the need to significantly improve the awareness within the legal fraternity and public as a whole to the advantages of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) techniques such as Mediation. In it he called for much greater education of the general public, court users, lawyers, businesses, and Judges of the benefits of mediation. He found that mediation had a vital role to play in reducing the costs of civil disputes, by fomenting the early settlement of cases. However, he also identified that ADR was under-used and that its potential benefits were not as widely known as they should be.

Grant went on to say that he was pleased to be at the forefront of supporting LJ Jackson's recommendations on the Isle of Wight and hoped that the seminar had raised the awareness of the possibilities of using mediation to help keep down the costs of litigation for those involved in disputes. He felt the extended use of mediation would be particularly useful at a time when business, the public and indeed the new coalition Government was seeking new ways to control spending costs. 



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