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Paul Rose FRICS (Expert)Mediator in London

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Paul Rose FRICS (Expert)


FRICS FCIArb RICS Accredited Mediator, Chartered Arbitrator, SCMA Mediation Advocate, Elite No #4 on UK Mediators list


Valuation, Landlord &Tenant, Boundary & Neighbour disputes, Construction, Service Charge disputes, Dilapidations


National Mediator Database

Paul is currently ranked No #6 by feedback on the 'Elite' Mediators list (May 2018)

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DMC - Quality Assured - Elite

DMC Certified Associate

Paul has a customer positive feedback score of 94% on the National Mediators Database.

He is a Chartered Surveyor, with over 30 years experience in the valuation of commercial and residential property predominantly in the UK, having worked in the public, corporate sectors and private sectors. He has also worked in the Republic of South Africa in property management. He has handled a wide variety of property disputes including rent reviews, contested lease renewals, valuations for diminution in value, boundary disputes, commercial service charge disputes and negligent surveys.

Wherever possible, Paul will seek a swift and commercially practical procedure with a view to minimising the parties costs, time and effort. In procedural hearings he takes a proactive approach and seeks to encourage the parties to agree on as many matters as possible. His preference for "documents only" arbitrations, where appropriate is designed to minimise costs.

As a mediator he seeks to reinforce the confidential and informal nature of mediation.

As an arbitrator, he takes a proactive approach and seeks to encourage the parties to agree on as many matters as possible. His preference for "documents only" arbitrations, where appropriate is designed to minimise costs.

Keenly interested in dispute resolution, Paul is one of the very few general practice Chartered Surveyors with both a postgraduate diploma in arbitration and Chartered Arbitrator status.


Paul is happy to accept mediation appointments in disputes in the following key areas:

  • Contract and Tort
  • Landlord /Tenant - commercial and residential
  • Lease renewals
  • Dilapidations including loss of rent
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Construction/ Disrepair /Dilapidations
  • Easements/Right of Way
  • Neighbourhood/Nuisance/Trespass
  • Service Charges - commercial and residential
  • Negligent surveys and valuations
  • Planning
  • Misrepresentation and misdescription
  • Employment


Pro Bono mediator with

  • LawWorks Mediation
  • Centre for Peaceful Solutions (trustee)
  • Common Ground - East London Mediation Service




Panel Membership

Paul is a member of the following professional panels:

  • No #6 on UK National Mediators Database 'Elite' Mediators list
  • CIArb Mediators pannel
  • Standing Conference of Mediation Advocates (SCMA)
  • RICS Accredited Mediators Group
  • RICS Neighbourhood Disputes pool

Paul is a member of the RICS Mediators group and a senior Associate panel member of The Dispute Mediation Consultancy.


For more information regarding Paul's work and experience see his article written for the RICS Business magazine June 2010

The Art of Mediation


Ronald Fletcher Baker LLP Solicitors - June 2011

"Paul Rose was terrific, he helped achieve a fantastic result .. which I previously thought was impossible. His skills and experience as..a mediator.. were more than obvious throughout the day and helped in some very difficult situations."

Baynes-Reid - June 2011

"The Mediator was polite and effective at breaking the ice and challenging the parties to promote a response toward accommodation."

Counsel - April 2011

"Paul, many thanks for your considerable efforts (including a fair amount of patience and stamina) in helping the parties reach that settlement. The fact that the parties and their families can now put this unfortunate dispute behind them is undoubtedly a great result."

Downs Solicitors LLP - March 2011

"Paul was vital to the process of agreeing a settlement that ticked most of the client's boxes...it was in a constructive way, and resulted in the final deal being done." 

Talbots Solicitors - January 2011

"Paul had good rapport with the the clients, and the lawyers, quickly identitifed the issues, had prepared well, and worked hard and effectively where required to get through the difficulties and sticking points"

Painters Solicitors - January 2011

"Mr Rose helped to rationalise and played a part in the positive response which was at the last minute ."

Counsel January 2011.

"a calm, friendly style whilst nevertheless ensuring that the negotiations remained focussed and had momentum"

Counsel - December 2010

"Got straight to the nub of the problem. A good pragmatic thinker. Achieved settlement when both sides legal representatives thought it was highly unlikely." - 

Percy Short & Cuthbert - November 2010

"Paul was instrumental in bringing the dispute to a satisfactory conclusion. He intervened only when necessary and although provided encouragement from time to time he gave the parties the space we needed to work things through. I would not hesitate to recommend him in the future."

BTW Shiells - November 2010

"My interaction with the Mediator was during the mediation process. Very quickly he was able to have both parties focusing on the major point of the dispute. He was also very good at retaining both parties focus on the major part of the dispute. He made each person feel that they had a contribution to make and to keep the dialogue going. I have no doubt that a final compromise was reached due to the Mediator's particular personality and manner in which he dealt with all parties. His input was fundamental in an agreeable solution being reached. I am sure this would not have happened if the matter had progressed to Court."

Counsel - October 2010

"The Mediator ably set the parties at ease in his opening remarks. I was also particularly impressed with his meticulous management of the inter party communications during the course of the day."

Furley Page - October  2010

“Both sides in this dispute were relieved that the matter was settled at the mediation and they did not incur further costs and stress in dealing with the case. Paul Rose, the mediator, was patient and gave the parties the opportunity to explain their positions but was also able to direct the parties towards finding a basis upon which the dispute could be brought to an end. Without Paul's influence the dispute would not have settled so the parties are pleased they decided to go to mediation with Paul Rose at the helm.”

William Graham Law Ltd - October 2010.

"This was a very difficult matter with relations between the parties, hostile to say the least. It was a matter that lent itself to mediation but in which a settlement seemed unlikely given the entrenched and emotional positions adopted by the parties. Mr Rose expertly managed the situation, persevered and achieved a very positive outcome."

Lyons Davidson October - 2010

"Paul assisted the parties achieve a settlement which appeared unattainable at the outset."

Trinity LLP Solicitors - October 2010

"Although the parties did not reach a settlement, without the mediator's input and efforts important issues that would have otherwise not been considered by the parties. The mediator allowed the parties to "think outside the box" as it were. Very happy with his performance."

Fenwick Elliott - September 2010

"Paul's candour and diplomacy skills assisted the parties in reaching a commercial settlement and settling what would otherwise have resulted in disproportionate costs in legal proceedings for all involved"

Reynolds Porter Chamberlain - June 2010.

"We found his friendly, facilitative style to be particularly helpful in assisting a settlement to be reached on the day, and would certainly consider using him again should an appropriate case arise"


Paul is married to a family law barrister and divides his time between the West End of London and Brighton. He enjoys theatre, cinema, and fortunately for his wife, cooking. Paul is a keen yachtsman although in recent years his preference has changed from racing to cruising.  Paul is based in London and is very happy to travel.  He is always negotiable on fees where required.

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