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Sue EversonMediator in High Wycombe

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Sue Everson


LLB (Hons) Barrister(NP) ADR Group Accredited Mediator - NOCN Workplace Mediator


Qualified to undertake mediation of commercial and workplace disputes, with extensive commercial experience in high-tech and telecommunications industries

Areas of Expertise

Sue specialises in commercial and workplace mediation, including:

    Employment Law and Practice

    Equality and Diversity


    Confidentiality; Data Protection

    Business Transfers/TUPE

    Telecommunications and Standardisation

    Intellectual Property Protection, Exploitation and Licensing

    Contracts; Tendering

    Computer Law; Software Development and Licensing

    Information Technology and Licensing

    Prime Contracting and Outsourcing

    Export Control Legislation and Licensing

    Company Law; Joint Ventures

    Education Law, including SEN/inclusion/admissions/parental complaints


Professional Background

  • Workplace mediator - National Open College Network Certificate in Workplace Mediation (2006)
  • Accredited mediator - with ADR Group (2000)
  • Independent business consultant - Advising companies on diverse legal and commercial issues (1989 - present day)
  • Barrister - Called to the Bar in 1988
  • Legal, commercial, operational and finance roles - Worked for some leading international computer sales and high-technology companies, reviewing and developing company policies, procedures, systems and contracts, as well as implementing training schemes and managing legal departments

Sue has worked on a voluntary basis for over 10 years as a school governor, being appointed  as Chair of the governing body for a major part of that time, which has enabled her to develop a detailed knowledge of issues arising in that environment and in education law, including child protection, admissions, special needs, parental complaints/ investigation and staff appointment, appraisals and dismissals.

She also became company secretary to the UK subsidiary of a multinational group in 2007.



Sue says

"While it's important to remain impartial in mediation, I am at heart a commercial person and I believe that a good mediator not only encourages people to talk, but also helps to find a successful resolution, as the most sensible and cost-effective solution.

"I therefore like to provide direction as well as empathy and understanding in my mediation work.

"Personal skills are all-important; however, business clients may be reassured by my entrepreneurial background and knowledge of workplace and commercial issues and law."



Sue has held accreditation through ADR  since 1996.

Accredited Associate of the Dispute Mediation Consultancy

Mediator profile

Qualified to undertake mediation of commercial and workplace disputes, with extensive commercial experience in high-tech and telecommunications industries, Sue Everson can bring her mediation skills to bear on a broad range of disputes. Having qualified originally as a barrister, she is acts as an independent consultant helping companies find workable solutions to diverse legal and business problems.


Why Choose Sue

Why choose Sue Everson as your mediator?

  • Commercially minded and experienced... With over 30 years of working with major international companies, particularly in IT and telecommunications, Sue is used to finding practical solutions to commercial issues
  • Excellent people skills... Friendly and soft-spoken, Sue's engaging manner encourages people to open up and communicate, while her ability to gently but firmly steer proceedings enables clients to successfully reach resolutions
  • Available nationally at short notice... Based in Buckinghamshire, Sue is willing to travel and able to juggle commitments to be available at your convenience
  • Flexible fees... Happy to discuss fees according to individual disputes


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