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Beverley Vara (Senior)Mediator in London

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Beverley Vara (Senior)


MPhil (Cantab), BSc, Barrister, CEDR Accredited Mediator


Landlord & Tenant, rent review & renewals, sale & purchase disputes, professional negligence, Party Wall, Neighbour Disputes

Professional Memberships

Beverley is an Accredited Associate of the Dispute Mediation Consultancy and is a member of the following professional bodies


  • Bar Council
  • Member, Property Litigation Association.



    Beverly has had the following publications published

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    Recent feedback for Beverley's mediation work:

    "Without your calm persistance, I KNOW we would not have made it!!"

    "My only fear was that, like other neighbour disputes, it might prove intractable. Thanks to you, it was not."

    "You really held the process together over a long day"

    "Beverley has been most attentive and I would certainly use her again"

    "Did a good job"

    "Much appreciation and thank-you for your patience"

    Beverley Vara works as a full time neutral handling mediation and expert determination. She became a barrister in 2013 to concentrate on mediation but prior to this had been a solicitor for many years, and spent her last 10 years as a practicing solicitor as Head of Real Estate litigation at Allen & Overy LLP. 

    Career history

     -     Full time neutral handling mediation and expert determination 2013

    -      Partner, Allen & Overy LLP, London, 2003 - 2013

    -      Associate, Allen & Overy, 2000-2003

    -      Assistant Solicitor, CMS Cameron McKenna, London, 1994-2000

    Legal qualifications

    -      Called to the Bar 2013

    -      Higher Rights of Audience 2002

    -      CEDR Accredited Mediator 2012

    Academic qualifications

    -      BSc, Mathematics, University of London, 1987, First Class

    -      MPhil, Computer Speech & Language Processing, University of Cambridge, 1990

    Areas of Expertise:

    • Commercial Property Disputes
    • Residential Property Disputes
    • Professional Negligence Claims
    • Commercial disputes in contract and tort
    • Construction disputes
    • Insolvency disputes

    Professional Background

    Beverley specialises in contentious property work and has substantial experience in advising on the full range of real estate disputes. Her areas of expertise include landlord and tenant disputes, such as enforcement and interpretation of lease covenants, rent reviews and lease renewals, as well as sale and purchase disputes, development disputes including disputes between employer and contractor and those between employer and their professional team, funder/borrower disputes, professional negligence actions and party wall and neighbour disputes. She is experienced in commercial disputes, particularly those arising out of PFI contracts and has dealt with planning and construction disputes.

    The legal directory Chambers has said of Beverley 'She has shown she has an outstanding brain in what was a very complex and emotional issue', said one source" and ""she has a very deep and technical knowledge and understanding - what she doesn't know isn't worth knowing.". Legal 500 has said "Beverley Vara is 'tactically aware' and 'has a good eye for detail'."

    Why choose Beverley as your mediator?

    Legal background - Beverley has a strong legal background in an area where parties typically have an on going relationship which needs to survive the dispute. This means she is keen to encourage parties to "think out of the box" to find a solution to the dispute that works for them. She is also very aware of how different parties see disputes in very different ways and relishes the challenge of helping then find a common solution.

    Numerate and commercial - Beverley read mathematics for her first degree before taking an M.Phil in Computer Speech and language processing. She also worked for a leading bank for a few years before becoming a lawyer. She is therefore both numerate and not afraid of technical detail as well as having first hand experience of the decisions and pressures businesses face.

    People and listening skills - Beverley has worked with people from a wide variety of backgrounds and with a wide range of different experience levels from board members of major companies to private individuals. She fully understands the need to allow everyone to make their point in their own way and is respectful of their point of view.

    Ability to work anywhere - Although based in London, Beverley is quite prepared to travel to undertake mediation work. 




    Beverley has received the following testimonials from the real estate litigation section:


    1. "With her 'thoroughness and tactical awareness', Beverley Vara has played a large part in this team's success.  'She has shown she has an outstanding brain in what was a very complex and emotional issue', said one source" (Chambers UK 2011).
    2. Legal 500 2010 observes: "Beverley Vara is 'tactically aware' and 'has a good eye for detail'."



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