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Kevin HainsworthMediator in Manchester - North England & N Wales

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Kevin Hainsworth


PgDip BSc MRICS Chartered Land Surveyor, Mediation Advocate


Consultancy, Land Surveying, Mediation Advocacy, Boundary disputes, Expert Witness


Chartered Land Surveyor

A Chartered Land Surveyor since 1988, Kevin specialises in boundary dispute resolution. He currently works with a number of legal firms and private clients and has been directly instructed by the Court on numerous occasions. He works principally as an expert witness surveyor spending much of his remaining time determining, marking and recording boundaries. He covers the north of England and North Wales from his office in Manchester.

Whilst not an Accredited Mediator, Kevin has fine-tuned his skills to allow him to act as a mediation advocate, enabling him to accompany his clients into the mediation itself. There is a great opportunity here for cost-effective, well-informed and speedy resolution of boundary disputes.

Kevin's input often brings closure to disputes that have rumbled on for years. Expertise and experience obviously play their part in this - but his success is just as much down to a clear, open manner, his empathy with clients and the ability to cut to the heart of the matter in resolving complex issues.

Kevin is that rarest of people: a gifted communicator, who knows when to stop talking.

As a trainer for two high-end surveying equipment manufacturers Kevin honed his ability to explain often complicated technical matters in a way that all would understand.

Kevin's years of experience in gathering, qualifying, collating, distilling and presenting data from diverse sources make him ideally suited to the role of the boundary surveyor. The clear, succinct plans and reports he produces both isolate and explain the key issues to lawyers and laymen alike.


Work history

2010 to date: Boundary Dispute and Expert Witness Surveyors, Manchester.

2006-2010: Chartered Land Surveyor at ND Oliver & Co Ltd -dealt with all the boundary dispute work that came into the office and generated a great deal of repeat business.

1988-2006: Chartered Land Surveyor at ND Oliver & Co Ltd, Loy Surveys, SurveySystems, Korec and Leica Geosystems.

1984- 1988: Graduate Land Surveyor at ND Oliver & Co Ltd.


Detailed qualifications

1984 BSc (Hons) Surveying/Geography at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne

1988 Qualified as a Chartered Land Surveyor (MRICS)

2003 Post-graduate diploma at Nottingham University in Satellite Positioning technology.



Kevin has received the following recent testimonials

"He acted in a professional manner at all times and in particular was able to deal directly with members of the public." Ralli LLP

"Kevin demonstrated that he had a full understanding of the role, duties and responsibilities of an expert witness. In particular he was aware of his requirements to the Court as outlined in Part 35 of the Civil Procedure Rules." Ralli LLP

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