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Grant Vincent FRICS (Expert)Mediator in London, Hampshire, Weybridge, England

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Grant Vincent FRICS (Expert)


MSc(Eng) FRICS ACIArb FRSPSoc, FPWS, RICS Accredited Mediator, SCMA, Chartered Land Surveyor, Expert Witness, Certificate of Party Wall studies


Land & Property - Boundary disputes & determination surveys - Land Registry & RoW disputes - Landlord & Tenant - Neighbour & Party Wall Awards - family related property disputes and inheritance


National Mediation Database

Grant is currently ranked one of the UK's top 20 mediators on the 'Elite Mediators' list (June 2019)

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DMC - Quality Assured - Elite Mediator

DMC Certified Associate

Grant has a customer overal satisfaction score of above  90% on the National Mediators Database with all of his clients stating that they would be highly likely to use this mediator again.

DMC - Quality Assured

As a Chartered Land Surveyor and professional mediator, Grant is the founder member of the DMC partnership and is able to offer a wealth of experience in land & property boundary dispute resolution. As an RICS Accredited Mediator you can be confident that Grant is quality assured to the highest standards of professional mediation practice.

Mediation Experience:

With over 40 years of experience both within the UK and abroad he offers you the ability to work with not only an expert and friendly mediator, but also with someone who has exceptional technical & managerial awareness to help you resolve the most complex property disputes.

Grant has carried out over 80 mediations since establishing the Dispute Mediation Consultancy and has a 90+% success rate in achieving a settlement between parties, many of whom may have been in dispute for many years.

Grant specialises in mediating:

  • Land & property disputes;
  • Boundary disputes including desktop evaluations & determination;
  • Land Registration & Rights of Way disputes;
  • Family property & inheritance disputes;
  • Landlord & tenant disputes;
  • Party Wall Awards;
  • Expert Determination;
  • Neighbour disputes;
  • Land survey - boundary determination for Land Registration; and
  • Civil and Commercial mediation work.

This depth of background knowledge coupled with his wide range of experience is more likely to allow you to achieve a rapid solution. This has the benefit of significant cost and time savings over the typical litigation approach to dispute resolution.

Professionalism when it counts:

As a Chartered Land Surveyor and Licensed Cadastral Surveyor, Grant has been recognised for his professionalism and has published several technical papers particularly related to mediation, & mapping developments at Ordnance Survey GB.

Following his successful completion of his Master of Science degree in Photogrammetric Engineering at University College London (UCL), he rapidly became a Fellow of both the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and The Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society (London).

Grant is the first Chartered Land Surveyor to achieve 'RICS Accredited Mediator' status and his achievements have enabled him to be recognised as an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. Grant is certified in Party Wall Studies and is also a member of the Facilty of Party Wall Surveyors (FPWS).

Further CV information can be found on our Members & Associate web pages at Grant's CV

Background to mediation experience:

Whilst at Ordnance Survey Grant was appointed Rural Revision Project Manager and also through an initiative with Bond Solon, established and led their Expert Witness Group. The group provided surveys and professional advice in neighbourhood boundary disputes, as featured in the Neighbours at War television series. He represented Ordnance Survey on many occasions regarding land disputes, varying from small back garden garage disputes settled in the County Court, through to major cases at the Royal Courts of Justice London & the High Court of Singapore.

Grant's interest in mediation grew from 2001 following his appointment as Land Registrar in Montserrat, and Chief Surveyor to the Cayman Islands Government. It was whilst in Cayman that his experience enabled the Governor of the Cayman Islands to appoint him as technical advisor to the Boundary Commission. Throughout this period (2001- 2007) he was able to utilise his mediation skills to help settle many land & boundary disputes acting on behalf of the Government and individual land owners.

Thankfully many disputes were settled prior to litigation due to:

  • the quality of advice given to clients and members of the public, and
  • the constructive mediation processes that he employed.

On returning to the UK in 2008 Grant established 'The Dispute Mediation Consultancy LLP', and became Accredited by both the RICS and Civil Mediation Council (CMC) as a mediator and mediation provider respectively. Since this time he has continued to practice mediation as both a mediator and mediator advocate, gaining instructions from the National Mediation Helpline (NMH), leading solicitor practices throughout England, and from professionals within the property management sectors; including Fenwick Elliot, one of the UK's largest specialist construction law firms, Countrywide Property Management and Direct Line Insurance.

Grant is registered on the UK's National Mediators Database and is ranked 19 by client feedback on the prestigous 'Elite' Mediators list (October 2018)

Listed mediator for:

  • Dispute Mediation Consultancy LLP
  • Clerksroom
  • Clerksroom Elite  Mediator Profile League Rank No#15


Party Wall disputes & appointments:

Grant is also a Party Wall surveyor. He is appointed to the RICS President's panel for Boundaries & Party Wall and holds the Certificate in Party Wall Studies accredited by the Association of Building Engineers. Grant is a member of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors (FPWS).


See below to check out Grant's Linkedin profile



From Party - Boundary Dispute;

""Grant is very personable and easy to deal with. He quickly grasped the issues and navigated us through a delicate situation.  

We would happily recommend him as a mediator.""

September 2018

From Councel - Boundary Dispute;

""Grant was very well prepared and my clients had immediate confidence in him. He achieved a sensible settlement despite the apparently unreasonable personality of the other party. His grasp of the expert evidence was very impressive.  

Overall a highly competent and effective mediator.""

April 2018

From Solicitor - Boundary Dispute;

"Mr Vincent was extremely helpful and certainly went "above and beyond" in helping the parties work towards reaching (what was ultimately) a successful resolution to this particular dispute. 

I would not hesitate to instruct him again and/or recommend him."

November 2017

From Party - Boundary & Riperian Rights Dispute

"It is strange how human beings behave, for years both of us, the other party and myself were convinced we were both right and the other wrong. In the end it took Grant to show us we were both right and both wrong!!!"

July 2017

From Councel - Boundary & Right of Way Dispute

"I considered Mr Vincent to be an outstanding mediator for an involved boundary dispute. I would recommend him for this work without hesitation or reservation. He made a substantial contribution to achieving a very sensible settlement for all concerned."

June 2017

From Party - Boundary Dispute

"would like to thank Grant for all his excellent mediation skills and kindness. It is so wonderful that this lengthy dispute is finally over."

Sept 2016

From Solicitor - Boundary & Right of Way Dispute

"Grant was great on the day and had just the right skill set to deal with a difficult mediation over a very protracted property dispute and where on of the parties was not represented. He took time to help them through the minefield !"

July 2016

From Party - Boundary Dispute

"I was relieved and delighted to hand my problem to Grant who proved to be very experienced, knowledgeable and professional. He has excellent communication and mediation skills. I highly recommend him."

May 2016

From Client - Boundary Dispute

"We have had successful mediation with Grant Vincent. His services and professional expertise was invaluable He made a stressful day easy. We cannot recommend him highly enough.

September 2015

From Solicitor - Boundary & Right of Way Dispute

"Grant was excellent, he put clients at ease and really encouraged an agreement that would be satisfactory and practical to all parties.

December 2014

From Solicitor - Boundary & Right of Way Dispute

"I would definitely recommend Grant Vincent. The understanding and energy he brought to the table were essential in reaching an agreement.

November 2014

From Party - Boundary Dispute

"The mediator Grant Vincent was hugely knowledgeable and quickly guided us to resolution of a long running problem. We would definitely use him again in the future."

October 2014

From Party - Boundary Dispute

"Many thanks for all you have done for us and it was a pleasure to meet you. I believe your involvement gave us a much needed start to getting things finalised, so I thank you very much for that."

August 2014

From Party - Boundary Dispute

"Many thanks for all you have done for us and it was a pleasure to meet you. I believe your involvement gave us a much needed start to getting things finalised, so I thank you very much for that."

August 2014

From Client - Employee Dispute

"My case was very complexed and required an immense amount of reading and understanding. Grant from start to finish was extremely professional, negotiated hard and the overall result of my case was a success. This was my first time using a mediator, I wouldn't hesitate in seeking advice with DMC in the future or giving recommendations.

August 2014

From Client - Boundary land Registration Dispute

"The mediator Grant Vincent was hugely knowledgeable and quickly guided us to resolution of a long running problem. We would definitely use him again in the future.

August 2014

From Client - Boundary Dispute

"Mr Grant Vincent was so professional and his communication skills was excellent at the end of the day we had an agreement so job well done Thank you Mr Grant Vincent

May 2014

From Solicitor - Boundary Dispute

"Grant's performance went above and beyond our expectations when he acted as a mediator in a recent matter. His ability to use his skills as a mediator coupled with his skills as a land surveyor and mapping expert meant the parties on both sides of the dispute were able to settle a number of complex issues and were confident that they had a watertight agreement. We were all very impressed." We were very impressed with how proactive you were and the array of skills you brought to the table which a "solicitor mediator" would struggle with.

March 2014

From Party - Boundary Dispute

"Thank you for bringing your very considerable mediation skills to bear on a situation which I thought was almost hopeless. It was a pleasure to meet you and watch you at work."

February 2014

From Party - Boundary & Right of Way Dispute

"Thank you for your support and resilience. I think it was good to get a deal. As usual I am not 100% happy but happy that there is a settlement and that we will be able to move on with our lives."

September 2013

From Solicitor, Blake Lapthorn - Boundary & Right of Way Dispute

"My client is pleased to have obtained a resolution after many years of this dispute so thanks for your assistance in achieving that."

September 2013

From Owner, Horsey Lightly Fynn Solicitors - Boundary Dispute

"Grant has excellent experience in dealing with boundary disputes and first-class ability at bringing opposing parties to a successful settlement."

May 2013

From a Party - Boundary Dispute

"Thank you so much for your calm headed approach to yesterday. I’m sure that was one of your toughest mediations. At the end of the night, Jo and I said it was your knowledge of boundaries, features and what is really relevant in a mediation that allowed a conclusion to be reached. We now have a settlement and can move on with our lives."

May 2013

From a Party - Contract Dispute

"We cannot thank Mr Vincent enough for all his help in obtaining payment of invoices we have had outstanding since July. He was very professional, very quick at responding to any correspondance and had a very nice manner about him. We would highly recommend him."

December 2012

From a Party - Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Dispute

"Rarely have I ever experienced such a high degree of professionalism and quality of customer service than that provided by Grant Vincent - and an excellent final outcome too."

February 2012

From a Client - Party Wall Boundary Dispute

"Mr Vincent was very professional throughout the process. I mentioned to him at the beginning that he was not going to succeed mediating with the other party but I was proved wrong as he was able to do so and in a timely manner. His mediation skills and knowledge of the process was very impressive.''

October 2011

From a Client - Neighbour Dispute

"A very good service and very professional, shame a settlement could not be reached.''

August 2011

From a Client - Boundary Dispute

"Grant's knowledge of the situation and advice was excellent which meant that a very satisfactory agreement was reached. His diligence and professionalism was superb throughout. 110% recommended."

June 2011

From a Client - Neighbour Boundary Dispute

"Grant's skill and experience were invaluable and his incisive appraisal brought a categorical resolution to this boundary dispute to my satisfaction."

June 2011

From a Solictor - Right of Way Dispute

"You have been able to sort out in a few hours a dispute that has been on-going for over 3 years - well done."

December 2010

From a Party - Neighbour Dispute

"I found that the whole process was clear and concise with lots of information available and pointed in the right direction for such. Costs were explained and available to check on the web site and support was excellent.
If I or any friend of mine ever requires your services in the future then you would be the first port of call."

Robert Reeves

October 2010

From a Solicitor

Staffordshire County Council : Principal Solicitor - Development Services

I have known Grant for many years, having instructed him in a large and highly contentious minerals planning case which was ultimately resolved by mediation techniques, following a successful trial in the Court of Appeal.
His involvement was principally as an expert witness in the area of photogrammetric evidence (interpretation of aerial photographs and related issues), but he became a key member of the litigation team which was eventually able to reach a negotiated settlement, following several years of complex litigation, which became a widely reported case on a key legal issue (winning and working of minerals ).
Grant's technical expertise was second to none, but he also demonstrated great pragmatism and all round professionalism, which was highly valued by our client.
I would have no hesitation in recommending him to act on similar matters again.

David Brammer
Real Estate / Planning

Dec 2009

Panel Membership

Grant is a member of:

• RICS President's Boundaries and Party Walls Panel;

• RICS President's Neighbour Dispute Specialist Panel;
• RICS Accredited Mediators Group;
• Standing Conference of Mediation Advocates (SCMA);
• Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors (FPWS); 
• Remote Sensing & Photogrammetric Society

Grant is also a faculty member of the following Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors professional groups

• Dispute Resolution;
• Geomatics;
• Project Management;

Grant is an active member of the approved panel of mediators for the London Courts Mediation Scheme and has participated as duty mediator at the Central London County Court.

Grant is a member of the RICS Accredited Mediators group and a Principal Partner of The Dispute Mediation Consultancy.


Grants key clients include:


• Landmark Chambers (Right of Way dispute Sep18);
• Birkett Long LLP (Right of Way dispute Sep18);
• Foskett Marr Gadsby & Head LLP (Right of Way dispute Sep18);
• Child & Child LLP (Right of Way dispute Dec 17);
• Foot Anstey LLP (Boundary dispute Sep17);
• Lamb Brooks LLP (Boundary dispute Nov17);
• Glanvilles LLP (Boundary Aug 14);
• Blake Lapthorn LLP (Right of Way dispute Sep13);
Horsey Lightly Fynn(Boundary dispute Sept 13);
Hewittsons LLP; />(Boundary dispute Aug 13);
• Walker Morris LLP (Boundary & Right of Way dispute £1.3m Apr 13);
Cogent Law (Contract Aug12);
Paris Smith LLP (Boundary Jul 12);
Clerksroom (Contract dispute £1.3m Apr 12);
• The Message Trust - Eden Project (Feb 12);
• Linston Chine Management Co Ltd( Staff Grievance H&S Apr 11);
• Gill (Boundary dispute & Determined Boundary Jan 11);
• Cogent Law (Right of Way dispute Dec 10);
• Saulet Solicitors (Landlord Tenant dispute Nov 10);
• Countrywide Property Management (Landlord/Ten Oct10);
• RJR Solicitors - (RoW dispute Oct 10);
• James Thorn & Co - (RoW dispute Oct 10);
• Daltons Solicitors (Landlord Tenant dispute July 10)



Staffordshire County Council - (Mining rights issue);
• Fenwick Elliot - (Commercial dispute Sept 10);
• Lane and Co Solicitors - (Boundary dispute/Land Registration);
• Willans Solicitors - (Boundary dispute July 10);
• Street Directory.com - (Singapore - IPR Mapping Copyright);
• Eversheds Solicitors - (London Kent Motorway Easements);
• Wright Hassall Solicitors - (Boundary dispute).




Grant has recently produced for publication an interesting article on Surveyors involvement in ADR which is reproduced below:

Integration in Mediation - by Grant Vincent

Life Style

Grant is married with 3 grown up children.

He takes great interest in yachting having recently returned from cruising in the French & Italian meditteranean and prior to that from skippering his 38ft yacht 'Freedom Found' across the Atlantic. Visiting Grand Cayman, Key West, Miami, Bahamas, Bermuda and the Azores on route to his home town of Cowes in the UK.

He has also completed a 3,200 mile voyage with his wife Ellen travelling throughout the Caribbean. His other interests include home improvement, gardening and walking.


Grant is the 19th most highly rated mediator in the UK (Feedback - National Mediators 'Elite' Database October 2018). His training, professional profile are quality assured through the National Mediation Database. He  is fully compliant and meets all current EU, Ministry of Justice and UK guidelines. Additional information can be found on the National Mediation Database for Mediators.


RICS Accredited Mediator Certificate


Grant holds professional Liability Insurance through Towergate Insurance under Policy No:CODM08IN01

Mediation experience

National Mediation Database

Grant is currently ranked No 19 by feedback on the Elite Mediators list (October 2018)

and holds a 90% success rate



DateNature of DisputeOutcome

25 September 2018 Right of Way - prescription Did not settle

4 September 2018 Boundary Did not settle

19 April 2018 Boundary & Land Registration Settled

18 April 2018 Boundary Settled

18 December 2017 Boundary & Right of Way Adjourned

11 December 2017 Boundary Did not settle

3 October 2017 Boundary & Right of Way Settled

28 September 2017 Boundary Did not settle

6 September 2017 Boundary Settled

14 August 2017 Boundary Did not settle

5 July 2017 Boundary Riperian rights Settled

21 June 2017 Boundary & Right of Way Settled

15 June 2017 Boundary & Right of Way Settled

1 April 2017 Boundary Settled

2 March 2017 Right of Way - prescription Settled

25 February 2017 Boundary Settled

23 November 2016 Contract Settled

9 November 2016 Contract Settled

13 September 2016 Contract Settled

15 August 2015 Boundary Settled

1st July 2015 Boundary Settled

2nd April 2015 Contract Settled

22 November 2014 Boundary Settled

14 November 2014 Right of Way Settled

7 October 2014 Boundary Settled

16 September 2014 Boundary Settled

4 September 2014 Contract Settled

22 August 2014 Freehold-Leasehold Inheritance Settled

12 August 2014 Boundary & Right of Way Dispute Settled

28 July 2014 Family - Inheritance Settled

12 July 2014 Inheritance - Family Partial Settlement

7 July 2014 Employment Settled

31 May 2014 Inheritance - Family Settled

30 May 2014 Boundary Dispute Settled

20 March 2014 Boundary & Right of Way Settled

7 February 2014 Criminal Damage & Boundary Dispute Settled

11 October 2013 Inheritance - Family Settled

23 September 2013 Right of Way Boundary Dispute Settled

13 August 2013 Boundary Dispute Settled

8 June 2013 Landlord & Tenant Settled

22 May 2013 Boundary Dispute Settled

17 May 2013 Landlord & Tenant Settled

16 May 2013 Contract Settled

9 May 2013 Boundary Dispute Settled

22 February 2013 Contract Adjourned

7 February 2013 Contract Settled

30 January 2013 Contract Settled

13 December 2012 Contract Settled

10 December 2012 Boundary Settled

23 October 2012 Boundary Settled

7 September 2012 Boundary Dispute Settled

14 August 2012 Right of Way Settled

23 April 2012 Contract Did Not Settle

11 February 2012 Right of Way Settled

6 February 2012 Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Settled

10 October 2011 Boundary Dispute Settled

29 September 2011 Boundary Settled

26 August 2011 Family contract Did Not Settle

28 July 2011 Boundary - Neighbour Settled

1 June 2011 Boundary Settled

29 May 2011 Boundary - Neighbour Settled

21 April 2011 Workplace H&S Settled

13 December 2010 Landlord & Tenant Settled

9 December 2010 Prescriptive Rights Settled

11 November 2010 Landlord & Tenant Dispute Settled

20 October 2010 Right of Way Dispute Settled

13 September 2010 Neighbour Dispute Settled

13 September 2010 Neighbour Dispute Settled

22 July 2010 Boundary Dispute Settled


BBC radio interview

Listen to Grant's discussion on the Mark Forrest Show  regarding neighbour boundary disputes. Originally broadcast on BBC national radio 3rd May 2013.


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