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What is an Expert Witness

An Expert Witness is someone who gives an independent opinion on the facts of a case. They are entitled to give opinion based on researched fact and are recognised for their high levels of qualification and experience.

Expert witnesses are frequently asked to write an 'Expert's Report' and can be called to give evidence in virtually every legal forum: civil, criminal and family courts, tribunals, arbitration and mediation. Our fees are shown on the Expert Witness fees tab

What DMC can do for you

  • Provide you with a free initial telephone consultation and identify potential solutions & costs;
  • Save you money in legal fees by providing expert opinion for the Court;
  • Supply a written quotation of our fees in relation to your instructions;
  • Undertake a face to face initial ‘get the facts' interview;
  • Carry out a full review of all relevant documentation;
  • Undertake a site visit to review property and assets as required;
  • Undertake independent and comprehensive research;
  • Clearly set out a reasoned opinion in an Experts report;
  • Present our evidence in a timely manner both in writing and in person;
  • Execute your instructions in accordance with professional obligations and statutory requirements.

Our Expert's background

Grant with Maps


The Dispute Mediation Consultancy's partner,

Grant Vincent, has over 38 years of professional

land & property experience and has been

involved in Expert Witness work since 1994. 

Grant's natural friendly and helpful demeanour coupled with his expertise helps in obtaining solutions to settle even the most contentious on-going disputes.

In 2005 Grant was appointed as technical expert to the Boundaries Commission by the Governor of the Cayman Islands. During his tenure numerous public meetings were held requiring delicate mediation sessions between the Commissioners and the Public as the debate extended into a human rights issues.

As part of his duties over the last 15 years Grant has published several professional papers, given presentations at professional meetings (London & Dublin), appeared several times on national TV (‘Neighbours at War' & ‘How do they do that') and BBC radio in relation to various important issues relating to his work.

Grant initiated the Ordnance Survey's Expert Witness Group in 1994 in order that they could supply professional help & advice to those wishing to utilise OS mapping as part of their litigation. Initially working closely with Mark Solon, of 'Bond Solon' the providers of choice in relation to Expert Witness activity, Grant soon became involved in many contentious Court cases. Here he had to utilise his skills, not only in knowledge of Ordnance Survey mapping and Land Registry but also as an expert in aerial photographic interpretation. His comprehensive training has facilitated his expertise in report writing and presentation of facts to the Court which has successfully enabled clients to win their cases at litigation.

We are therefore able to offer Expert Witness Services in the following specialist fields:

  • Boundary Disputes
  • Aerial Photography (Interpretation & measurement)
  • Site survey
  • Boundary determination
  • Ordnance Survey
  • Digital Mapping
  • Mapping 
  • Land Registry
  • Cartography
  • Cadastral Surveys

Case history

DMC's work spans small neighbour boundary disputes through to multi-million pound mapping copyright issues. We have worked throughout the UK, and also have clients in both the Caribbean and Singapore.

Grant has worked as an independent mapping and photogrammetric Expert for Staffordshire County Council regarding a contentious historical mining rights issue. This case involved land survey, photogrammetry, and aerial photographic interpretation which resulted in presentation of 2 substantial expert reports over a period of 6 years.

Expert evidence has been presented to many Courts including:

  • Newcastle Crown Court - neighbour boundary dispute;
  • Royal Courts of Justice (London) - boundary dispute challenge to the SE Kent plan included a 2 day expert witness cross examination;
  • High Courts of the Caribbean - land claims & boundary disputes; and
  • the Supreme Court of Singapore - mapping copyright issues.

As a practicing expert witness he has helped numerous individual and governmental clients with disputes including:

• Staffordshire County Council - mining rights issue brought to successful conclusion after 8 years (see Testemonial);

• Kent County Council - Challenge to the County plan through occupation of land and right of way access; - High Court of Justice London being complemented by the Lord Justice for clarity of presentation;

• Cayman Islands Government - Challenge to Land Registrar's decision and several boundary disputes;

• Street Directory.com mapping copyright issue - High Court Singapore.

In addition to the above Grant has mediated between parties in dispute for many minor disputes between neighbours, frequently working with the Attorney General to resolve conflict.

DMC Experts

The Consultancy has access to a wide choice of experts in the field of land & property & construction. We will ensure that any expert provided  will be fully independent and capable of fulfilling their role, either as a 'independent expert' for an individual party, or a 'single joint-expert' appointed by both parties in dispute or by the Court.

Whilst expert reports are frequently used in litigation, our reports can also be utilised in alternative dispute resolution situations such as mediation. As part of the Dispute Mediation Consultancy mediation service we can provide expert reports specifically for use in mediations should clients wish to avoid high risk, high cost litigation.

If you wish to discuss your dispute problems further to see if this service meets your needs, please feel free to seek our guidance.

Initial 1/2 hr meetings are given free of charge for professional advice regarding options that may be available to you.

DMC Logo white Please Contact The Dispute Mediation Consultancy for further information and fast & friendly advice.

DMC are Bond Solon trained

Bond Solon is the UK's leading legal training consultancy for non-lawyers and annually runs the Expert Witness Conference. The Dispute Mediation Consultancy are therefore able to offer a fully trained professional land & property expert, whose training & knowledge base can be considered second to none.

Win cases and keep costs down

DMC have found that the involvement of an expert and completion of a professional 'Expert' report at the right time, can prevent further Court action, and allow settlement of disputes at an early stage. Even when disputes go to Court the expert plays a vital role in presenting facts to the Court. This helps in defining the areas that require a legal decision and thus minimises the overall costs of litigation.

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I have known Grant for several years and can recommend him for any property disputes and mediation, relevant to his key skills as an expert in the area of photogrammetric evidence (interpretation of aerial photographs and related issues). His technical expertise in these areas is second to none, and he will always demonstrate great pragmatism and all round professionalism, which is highly valued by clients.

I would have no hesitation in recommending him to act on similar matters again.

David Brammer (Solicitor)
Real Estate / Planning

Dispute Mediation

Mediation is a practical yet sophisticated process designed to address the real issues and obstacles behind conflict in reaching a commercially viable solution.

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