Employment and Workplace Mediation

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DMC Mediation facility

Mediation sessions can take place either at the DMC facility or at the work place depending on client's needs and preference. DMC offer centrally located modern, high quality offices where a suite of 3 rooms and rest area can be available for the duration of the meeting. The facility has ample parking and is available 24/7. The accommodation also has full business facilities such as Wi-Fi, photocopying and fax.

Each party in the dispute can have its own meeting room to ensure confidentiality and the mediator will move between these rooms throughout the session. Light refreshments can be provided by The Dispute Mediation Consultancy. There is only a nominal charge for using the DMC facility and due to its location of being external of the work area this often provides a more relaxed but business atmosphere to discuss staff, management and company issues.

If it is desired to hold the Mediation at a venue that incurs a charge e.g. a hotel, the costs will be borne by the employer and in addition the Mediator’s travel costs may be extra.

Arrangement Fee   
£200 (one-off)
Full day Mediation* £750
Time Limited Mediation (per session)** £315

* Full Mediation: (inclusive fee for all reasonable preparation time and full Mediation Day – no additional charges for “extra” hours).

**Time Limited Mediation: Fee for reading agreed documents up to 20 pages and up to three hours Mediation.

Additional time hourly rate follows NMH guidelines of £50, £85 & £95 per hour per party for standard day 10:00 - 17:00 after which overtime rates of 1.5 x standard rate applies.

DMC Consultancy

DMC offers a Consultancy service, whereby our range of services form an integral part of an employer’s internal dispute policy.  In this respect a monthly fee is chargeable based upon the size of the workforce and duration of agreement. This offers your business the opportunity of considerable discount over the standard mediation costs whilst providing continuity of production.

No of Company employees to be covered by mediation scheme 6 month pm 1 year pm 2 year pm
< 10 60 54 49
11 - 25 70 63 57
26-50 80 72 65
51-100 110 99 90
> 100 150



The above table sets out a guide as to possible cost. 

DMC also offers consultancy in order to discus draw-up and  implement a formal internal dispute policy statement.

Further details can be obtained on application.

The Dispute Mediation Consultancy reserve the right to charge interest on late payment of invoices compounded quarterly from the due date of payment accruing daily at the statutory rate of bank of England base rate plus 8%.

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  1. The arrangement fee and the quoted mediation fee (based on number of days booked) and estimated expenses are payable one week in advance of the mediation.
  2. A final balancing invoice, if applicable, will be issued and become payable on the day prior to the mediation date unless otherwise agreed by The Dispute Mediation Consultancy and in any event 14 days after the mediation date.
  3. Interest will be charged on amounts overdue at the statutory rate being Bank of England base rate plus 8%


  1. Where a cancellation is made after the mediation date has been agreed, but more that a week prior to the date, the cancellation charge is the arrangement fee shared between the parties.
  2. Where a cancellation is made within one week of the mediation date, 50% of agreed collective fees will be payable.
  3. Where a cancellation is made within 48 hours of the mediation date (excluding Saturday, Sunday and public holidays), the full agreed fees will be payable.

Don't forget

Unlike legal proceedings, mediation is not about winning or losing; it is about exploring possible solutions within the spirit of cooperation, accommodation and mutual respect. This way you can always be sure that you will maintain relationships, ensure continuity of life and business and progress your life with less stress.

General Terms & Conditions

  1. Full terms and conditions are provided in any contract and on our web site www.dispute-mediation.co.uk
  2. Fees and expenses, are shared equally between the parties unless otherwise agreed by The Dispute Mediation Consultancy LLP.
  3. Fees do not include agreed expenses such as room hire, catering, and the mediator’s travelling costs, all of which can be quoted prior to commissioning the work.
  4. Where a party is represented by solicitors, our invoice will be addressed to those solicitors, who must accept liability for agreed charges and expenses.
  5. All agreed expenses & fees incurred by The Dispute Mediation Consultancy LLP, arrangement fee, preparation & mediation time by the mediator will be payable in full.

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