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Determined Boundary Surveys

Topographical site survey plans for Land Registry

Being Chartered Land Surveyors, DMC are able to offer bespoke site topographical surveys and determined boundary plans. These plans offer land owners & developers the opportunity of greater security of tenure for resales' by providing a determined boundary and new registry plan by updating either the old  title deed drawing or the existing Ordnance Survey-Land Registry extract plan.

Our determined boundary survey plans for Land Registry comply with the Court of Appeal requests for developers to provide you with higher detailed cadastral plans to a much higher standard than that available from the Ordnance Survey mapping. This is especially important for developments in rural areas where Ordnance Survey mapping at 1:2500 is often not accurate or detailed enough to provide adequate Land Registration. See more details on how we may help you on our Boundary Disputes pages.

Measured site surveys for Determination of Boundary

Boundary Determination

Being Chartered Land Surveyors, Dispute Mediation Consultancy are able to offer a full Boundary Determination Service which provides

  • independent Expert Determination;
  • full liaison with Land Registry;
  • a measured site survey of your property boundary at 1:500 or larger;
  • new Title Plan (cadastral) indicating the precise position of the existing boundaries (agreed or contested);
  • submission of required documents to Land Registry to enable an entry in the individual register of the applicant's registered title stating that the exact line of the boundary is determined under section 60 of the Land Registration Act.

The determined boundary plan will conform with Land Registration Rules Sec 118 and will show all relevant features such as adjoining walls and fences, buildings, driveways, rights of access, rights of way together with detailed written measurements complementing both the ground, as measured physical detail, and plan depicted detail.

The plan similar to the one below will be lodged with Land Registry as part of your title.

Example Determined Boundary Plan

Application for the determination of the exact line of a boundary

The exact line of your boundary can be determined under Section 60 of the Land Registration Act.

Land Registration Rules para 118 states:

(1) A proprietor of a registered estate may apply to the registrar for the exact line of the boundary of that registered estate to be determined.

(2) An application under paragraph (1) must be made in Form DB and be accompanied by -

(a) a plan, or a plan and a verbal description, identifying the exact line of the boundary claimed and showing sufficient surrounding physical features to allow the general position of the boundary to be drawn on the Ordnance Survey map, and

(b) evidence to establish the exact line of the boundary.

Our plans will be certified by a Chartered Land Surveyor to have an accuracy of +/-10mm to comply with the Land Registry regulations.

Fees for this service start at £500 depending on size and nature of area to be surveyed. This fee may be split between 3 or more parties and thus is a very efficient way of boundary determination. This process will also minimise any possibility of a future boundary dispute on any boundary so determined.

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